Why You Should Buy Paramount PSR6074 60″ X 74″ Premium Pillowtop Mattress?

You probably assumed that it would be impossible to find a comfortable and affordable solution to giving you the peaceful sleep you deserve each night while traveling on your RV. Well if you want efficiency and comfort all in one then you can get that from the Paramount PSR6074 60″ X 74″ Premium Pillowtop Mattress. This Paramount Pillowtop Mattress comes with an extremely soft foam for maximum comfort that will make you feel like you never left home.

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Paramount Pillowtop Mattress – What Do You Need To Know About It?

So what do you need to know about this amazing product? For one the soft support foam it offers will give you all the comfort you need allowing you feel like you are in a home away from home. The Paramount PSR6074 60″ X 74″ Premium Pillowtop Mattress is the perfect mattress to have in your RV to help you sleep comfortably during your travels. This is certainly a great treat to have especially if you spend long hours traveling and going on trips in your RV. Not only is it the best solution, but now it is also being offered at an outstanding discounted price!


Let’s Take a Look At  The Features:

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  • Short queen size mattress specific for RV
  • Pillowtop RV mattress
  • Comes with innerspring coil system
  • Free shipping
  • Built with SuperSoft Foam Euro Pillowtop for maximum comfort
  • Measurements: 74 x 8 x 60 inches


Here Are Some Great Benefits of Having A Paramount Pillowtop Mattress:

  • Specific RV size makes it ideal for RV use during long trips.
  • Free shipping minimizes and delivery costs
  • With its innerspring coil and SuperSoft foam, you will benefit from maximum comfort to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Built-in pillowtop provides additional comfort.


Paramount Pillowtop Mattress Owner’s Experience and Impressions:

Finding an appropriate mattress for your RV can be challenging. So instead of making you go through all the reviews for the Paramount PSR6074 60″ X 74″ Premium Pillowtop Mattress, we decided to compile everything to make your job of deciding much easier. One thing we have gathered from all this is that most of the users of the Paramount Pillowtop Mattress are very happy and satisfied with their purchase.

Users of the Paramount Premium Pillowtop Mattress all agree that this product is perfect for RVs. It provides incredible support, comfort, making it highly recommended by many. In fact many state that sleeping on this mattress is much like sleeping in their very own home feeling like they never even left. Because of the great comfort this Paramount Pillowtop Mattress offers, customers say that they no longer suffer from any discomfort and pains in their body when traveling on their RV.

Other comments made by users regarding the Pillowtop Mattress Paramount psr6074 is that on top of the excellent comfort offered, they are sold at a great discounted price. Also they offer Paramount Pillowtop Mattress fast shipping and free shipping so the product is delivered immediately at no additional cost. This makes it a lot more convenient for most individuals who don’t have to go to the local store to purchase a mattress and lug it home.

Another user who commented also said that the Paramount Pillowtop Mattress Full she received arrived just like it was advertised. The mattress is delivered conveniently in a small box and expands in 24 hours. More importantly it offers a firm and comfortable support that gives many a chance to sleep comfortably while traveling in their RV. It can’t get any better than that!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of great comments being mentioned on the Paramount Pillowtop Mattress. Go ahead and have a look at the actual reviews of users below…


Let Me Show You What Some Other Users Are Saying About The Paramount Pillowtop Mattress:

“… This is an incredible mattress for our RV. I have experienced nothing but quality support and comfort. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a comfortable mattress for their RV. The suppliers provided excellent service and took care of my order right away…Click Here To Read More – >

- D. Van Buren (Sterling Hts, MI)  {review re-written for uniqueness. Read The Original Review Here}


“…Can you believe it, I want to give this mattress even more than 5 stars! During our six week sleep, we slept so comfortably on this incredible mattress. Now we even want to replace our mattress at home to this one… Click Here To Read More – >

- Victoria Lehtonen (So. Cal., USA)  {review re-written for uniqueness. Read The Original Review Here}


“…Bye-bye discomfort! After hating my previous mattress of three years, this is truly amazing. I’ve been sleeping quite well since my husband and I purchased this one. Although some may find it to be firm, my description is that it offers the same firmness as a mattress at a really good hotel. The supplier offered great service with prompt delivery. This mattress is my new love… Click Here To Read More – >

- E. Henry (Puyallup, WA USA) {review re-written for uniqueness. Read The Original Review Here}


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The Good :

  • It is the perfect size for RVs
  • Built with its own pillowtop RV mattress for additional comfort
  • Comes with free shipping so no additional charges
  • Equipped with an innerspring coil system.
  • Provides incredible comfort with the SuperSoft foam pillowtop

The Bad:

  • Too firm for some users



A huge majority of the users of the Paramount PSR6074 60″ X 74″ Premium Pillowtop Mattress are loving it. Wherever you travel, no matter how far or long, having this Paramount Pillowtop Mattress will make you feel like you never left home. Bottom line is if you are looking for a comfortable way to sleep on your RV that offers comfort and affordability, then this is the appropriate mattress to get your hands on.


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